FUBAR is known as a "hip downtown bar stuck in mid-town Manhattan". It is the only bar of its kind in this area, which makes us a well frequented stop for visitors from out of town. Locals consider it the type of neighborhood bar where a wide variety of people can come to relax. One common observation made by patrons is that they feel like they are in the comforts of their own living room. I even heard one patron say that FUBAR reminded him of his uncle's basement. I�d like to meet this guy's uncle...or maybe not.

FUBAR offers a heavy drinking atmosphere, hence the name - which stands for "F*&%* Up Beyond All Recognition". While this may not be your goal, it seems to happen quite often here. It could be because the drinks are the cheapest in mid-town, or due to the encouragement of the friendly, pro-party staff. While you're "getting your drink on", youcan snack on some free fresh popcorn, enjoy our video games, jukebox or pool table.

There's also a private lounge where the lights are dim and the music is a little lower. It's a great spot to get to know someone more intimately. This room can also be rented out for an exclusive party where the curtains will protect your privacy.

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